Charlbury's Free Music Festival


 Main Stage

Saturday 30th July
Sunday 31st July
Kanadia The Standard
Deadbeat Apostles Barricane
Self Help Darkgnoss
Jonny Payne and the Thunder Dolly Mavis
The August List Mighty Redox
Von Braun bedd
Knights of Mentis The Brickwork Lizards
The Font Little Brother Eli

Second Stage

IMPORTANT NOTE: Second Stage starts at 1pm each day! There might even be music at the stage before / from midday by the dj’s each day.

Saturday 30th July
QuickFix Presents:
Sunday 31st July
QuickFix Presents:
Adamski Featuring Sonny Eriksson The Shapes
Tiger Mendoza Underbelly
Means Of Production The Exact Opposite
Octavia Freud Critter Cabal
Pun Ft. Jennie ‘Bellestar’ Matthias Five By Five
Geisha Davis Great Bear Radio
daze Bethany Weimers
Sophie Leigh Leon P Fields LPF
Lee Christian


Saturday 30th July
Sunday 31st July
Newspaper Taxi Beaver Fuel
Dr Steevo Beard of Destiny
Lucy Mehta Edwin and The Keepers
Ock Street Band MarysGarden
Trev Williams Mark Bosley Band
16 Shadows Rockingham
Nadira Catshaker
The Fringe Stage is brought to you by the Bramble Verbiage CIC Crew

Sound of the Shire

Riverside are pleased to host the Sound of the Shire stage at Cornbury Festival, at Great Tew, July 8th, 9th and 10th.

Friday 8th July
Saturday 9th July
Sunday 10th July
The Shapes Jonny Payne and The Thunder JSB
The Subtheory Emma Hunter The Epstein
The Standard Hope and Glory Pandapopalypse
Merlin’s quest Slainte Catgod
Torrin MarysGarden Knights of Mentis
Dolly Mavis Barricane Albino Tarantino 10
The August List Von Braun Candis Dog
Quatermelon D’Artagnan Joffin
Darkgnoss Beard of Destiny The Brickwork Lizards
Daze Great bear radio Rihannon and Cate
Genevieve Miles Ukulele bandioki Evenlode Jazz

All timings subject to change without notice