Charlbury's free music festival


 Main Stage

Saturday 28th July
Sunday 29th July
The Standard 2 Tone All Skas
Zurich The August List
Rainbow Reservior Speedbuggy USA
Candy Says Wonderland
TBC The Mighty Redox
Dead Beat Apostles Knights of Mentis
Factory Lights Von Braun
Starlings J Jackson

Second Stage

Brought to you by Rapture, Witney & Truck Store, Oxford

Saturday 28th July
Sunday 29th July
Tiger Mendoza Lucy Leave
Cherokii Mother
Ghosts In The Photographs Self Help
Modern Comforts
Kid Kin
Daisy Upcycled Sounds Records Takeover
Feat: Rosie Caldecott, Jay Sunaway
Limpet Race. and Zander Sharp



Saturday 28th July
Sunday 29th July
Seb James Richie Stix and the Brainpeople
Rose Segal The Skeptics
Robin Blackk 2oTTo/3
Song and Supper Rooms Gerry Kenney
Franklin’s Tower Jen Berkova
Beard of Destiny The Kokroachez
Tony Batey & Sal Moore Beth Shearsby
Dan McKean Lost Darren
Gerry Kenney AKA Dragonsmate

Sound of the Shire

Riverside are pleased to host the Sound of the Shire stage at Cornbury Festival, at Great Tew, July 13th, 14th and 15th.

Friday 13th July
Saturday 14th July
Sunday 15th July
Jonny Payne & The Thunder Zurich Gareth Esson
Little Borther Eli Sandy McLelland Wonderland
The August List Pavey Ark Ishod
Dishy Tangent Candy Says Hope & Glory
2 Tone All Skas Anavae Callow Saints
Tanner Cat God VonBraun
Kaze Biscay JoCee
Factory Lights Ivan Moult Lydia Bayliss
Little Triggers James (from Alphabet Backwards) Polly Haynes
Max Blansjaar Ukelele Bandioki
Heathlands Harmony

All timings subject to change without notice